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What is Stevia

Understanding the Growth and Origins of Stevia Wondering where stevia came from and how it has become so prevalent? You're not alone. Stevia entered the national food scene at the perfect time and sales have grown dramatically. Americans have grown increasingly mistrustful of artificial sweeteners and weary of sugar consumption, leading to a desire for a healthier sugar alternative. The result was a budding love affair with stevia, an all-natural sweetener derived from the leaves of a tropical shrub. Growing Sugar Fears Research about the danger of a sugar has become table talk across the nation. The public's education about the consequences of the overconsumption of sugar was fueled by the plethora of documentaries (such as That Sugar Film) and newspaper articles publishing the dangers of sugar.  The Huffington Post said, “sugar is the true killer.” Livestrong, linked sugar to belly fat. Forbes reported that sugar contains addictive propensities saying, “research supports the …

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