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5 Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Did you Know that Kay’s was First Developed with Diabetics in Mind? Well, if you read through the history of the company, you will see that the products were created to meet the needs of Type 2 Diabetics who were looking for low carb/high protein options for healthy meals and snacks. With that being said, Kay’s nutrition profile has impacted several other arenas as well such as sports nutrition and weight loss to offer a nutritional profile that is also suited for athletes and those who want to shed pounds. Specifically, for diabetics though, Kay’s products are ideal for guiltless and nutritional sources of food anytime of the day, especially breakfast. With breakfast, you are actually “breaking a fast” from your overnight slumber. Therefore, Kay’s products are great for pairing with breakfast options because each serving packs at about 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber at only 120 calories per serving. Here are Some Ideas to Make Breakfast Tasty & Satisfyin

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