The Truth About Sugar

Who doesn't love sugar? In America, sugar is consumed in cereal, desserts, protein bars. It is also hidden in less likely sources, such as yogurt, breads, meats, and ketchup. In recent years, research increasing highlights the significant ways sugar is harmful to our bodies. One reason, according to an article written by Dr. Richard J. Johnson a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, is that sugar is metabolized in the liver. For those of us who do not exercise often, consuming a lot of fructose can cause fatty live. Additionally, it is linked to other metabolic disorders. Research suggests “that excessive intake of fructose may be linked to development of metabolic syndromes,” such as obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertention, insulin resistance, proinflammatory state, and prothrombosis. Clearly than, sugar should be consumed moderately for more reasons than simply wanting thinner waists.

The good news? According to this article, athletes need fructose to improve their exercise performance. Yes, you heard it right. Fructose is utilized during strenuous exercise because “fructose stimulates rapid fluid and solute absorption in the small intestine and helps increase exogenous carbohydrate oxidation during exercise.” So, if you cannot bear to cut all sugar from your life, take heart that if you regularly workout hard, sugar is actually to your benefit!

But what if you don't have two-hour workouts five days a week? Exercising will still cause a high daily energy expenditure, protecting you from the negative metabolic reactions that are linked to frequently high fructose consumption. Dr. Richard J. Johnson said exercise will “significantly reduce the health risks associated with fructose and other forms of sugar.” Even a 30 minute walk will help our bodies successfully metabolize sugar.

Abundant sugar consumption is still inadvisable however. According to Dr. Johnson, “Sugar is not all bad,” but “it’s hardly nutritionally good, either.” Therefore, we at Kay's Naturals suggest taking a peek at our healthy snacks that are all low in sugar. Our Protein Cookie Bites are delicious, and only contain 3g of sugar. This is because they are naturally sweetened with Stevia and evaporated cane juice and not high fructose corn syrup. So rest assured that your liver won't be getting fatty when you snack with Kay's.


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