A Brief Discussion on Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

More than 280 million people around the world suffer from diabetes, with a prevalence of 6.4% of the global population. According to an article in the World Health Organization’s Bulletin, “Diabetes Management in Seven Countries,” many individuals afflicted with diabetes remain inadequately treated and undiagnosed.  The percentage of individuals reaching the International Diabetes Federation treatment goals for blood glucose, blood pressure and serum cholesterol was low, 1% to 12% of the diabetes population (page 5). It is apparent that poor management and prevention of diabetes is a cause of major concern.

While the statistics are disconcerting, the strategies outlined to reduce the symptoms of diabetes are achievable:  i) harm prevention through reducing risk factors such as obesity; (ii) diabetes screenings combined with lifestyle or pharmacological interventions for individuals with pre-diabetes; (iii) more accurate diagnosis and maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels; (iv) increased care of microvascular complications and (v) lowering of cardiovascular risks through better management (page 1).  Clearly, some strategies require the intervention of medical professionals and others are solely achieved by the lifestyles individuals choose.

According to Professor Martin Wiseman, Medical and Scientific Advisor for World Cancer Research Fund, in Medical News Today; one of the best ways individuals can have healthy blood sugar levels is to reduce sugar intake. The food industry has added sugar to many food staples, including canned tomatoes, salsas, and meat. This has made lowing sugar consumption increasingly difficult as sugar is often eaten unintentionally or out of necessity.  Thankfully, health conscious food companies have been created to provide healthy alternatives.

Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh is the founder of Kay's Naturals.  With the knowledge that reducing glucose was a fundamental step towards maintaining healthy sugar levels, Dr. Kazemzadeh was inspired to create Kay’s Naturals with his first wife Linda, who was a juvenile diabetic. He witnessed the great need for convenient and healthy food choices. Fifteen years later, Kay’s Naturals provides 15 different health food options, which are low in sugar, gluten-free, wheat-free, and high in protein and fiber. To learn more about Kay’s Naturals and create a delicious and easy health food plan for yourself, visit Kay’s Naturals’ website.

With the right tools, diabetic individuals can reach the International Diabetes Federation’s treatment and prevention goals. Hopefully the increase in healthy food options will lower the number of people burdened with diabetes and help others reach their nutritional targets for an increased well-being.


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