How many calories and grams of fat should you eat daily?

This is a million dollar question and it has a million answers. This is because the numbers will differ for each individual. Just like each of our fingerprints is unique, our individual bodies and digestive systems are unique. Learning to listen to our bodies and having an awareness of general nutrition and what we consume will provide the unique answers for every individual. Knowing the general guidelines and recommendation for specific groups is is the first place to find the right answer for you. According to this article, the numbers vary greatly depending on what group you belong too:

Less-active women and older adults:
1,600 calories
Most children, teen girls, active women, and less-active men:
 2,200 calories
Teen boys, active men, and very active women:
2,800 calories

(taken from an article published on the Discovery website) below to see how much fat to eat each day.

Caloric Intake
Maximum Recommended
From Fat
Recommended Grams of Fat*
From Saturated Fat**
Recommended  Grams of Saturated Fat
400 to 560
44 to 62
112 or less
12 or less
450 to 630
50 to 70
126 or less
14 or less
500 to 700
56 to 78
140 or less
16 or less
550 to 770
61 to 86
154 or less
17 or less
600 to 840
67 to 93
168 or less
19 or less
650 to 910
72 to 101
182 or less
20 or less
700 to 980
78 to 109
196 or less
22 or less

Chart comes from

It is important to note that these numbers will change for each individual. Learning to listen to you body and acknowledging when it is hungry and full is good practice if you are striving to consume the correct amount of calories for you. Additionally, according to this blog, listening to your body will tell you when you are hungry, when you are full, and what foods have a positive or negative effect on you. If you can do all of these things, your body will be happily humming along to its own tune.

Once you have determined how many calories to consume each day, use the chart

*This will give you the  recommended 25% to 35% or less of your calories from fat.
**This will give you the recommended less than 7% of your calories from saturated fat.

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