Drink away: The benefits of water

There is a consensus among nutritionists that water is important. But why should we be downing 8-16 glasses of H2O a day? Here are 10 reasons from The Greatest, on why water should be your new best friend:

      Diet Maintainer. Water is free and has no side effects- unlike diet pills. A 2010 randomized control study showed that drinking two cups of water increased the amount of weight lost by dieters. Water helps us to feel full and therefore we consume less.
      Muscle fuel. We lose water in our muscles when we sweat. Dehydrated muscles are tired muscles, so down a glass of water to get you through your final set.

      Fluid balance. About 60 percent of our body comes from water. Water helps maintain our fluid balance. This enables the speedy transportation of nutrients, improved digestion, body temperature regulation and more.        

      Refreshing skin. Skin can become inflamed when certain toxins are present. Flush them out and reduce pimples by simply drinking water.

      Healthy kidneys. Our kidneys do the heroic dirty work of processing the waste from our blood, according to WebMD. They need enough fluids to do their job properly. Help them out by ensuring you’re well hydrated.

      Fatigue buster. A surprisingly common symptom of dehydration is tiredness. Beat fatigue by downing glass of the clear and free stuff.

      Smooth digestion. Drinking water adds fluids to the colon which improves our ability to digest.   

      Pain free. Do your teeth sometimes hurt? Have aching joints or muscle cramps? Dehydration can cause all sorts of aches and pains in the body.

      Cold remedy. Water helps decongestion and dehydration. Both are needed to get you feeling healthy again.

      Brain power. This study showed a correlation between students who had a bottle of water while taking an exam and improved grades. Cognitive researchers have found that water is an essential for a healthy brain.

The easiest way to make sure you are drinking enough water is to listen to your body. If you are showing signs of dehydration or feel thirsty, grab a glass of water and gulp it down. Be especially mindful when exercising and make sure you replenish electrolytes too! Of course, a healthy body cannot function on water alone. That's where Kay's Naturals comes in. Because our snacks and cereals are protein-rich and low in sodium, a bag of our pretzels paired with a glass of H2O will have your tummy, brain and body humming happily for hours.


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