8 suprising foods that contain gluten

Its common knowledge that gluten is found in many grains, such as wheat, barley and rye. Which by default means that the bread and pastas made from these grains will contain gluten. In our world of highly processed foods  however, gluten can be found in some unlikely places. Gluten is added to foods because it acts like a glue, by binding the ingredients together. Gluten-free veterans and newbies alike need to check ingredient labels carefully. Knowing what brands are entirely gluten-free, and sneaky places where gluten resides, will help prevent a gluten contamination.

1. Licorice

Pure licorice root is gluten free, but most licorice candies are not. This is because the candy is made using wheat flour. For the licorice lovers out there, a little hunt for gluten free licorice will reveal some true treasures.

2. Soy sauce and Worcestershire

Soy sauce is frequently made from wheat or barley, so avoid this salty asian dipping sauce! For foods that are just not the same without it, try vinegar or a soy sauce made from soybeans. Likewise, Worcestershire can also be made from barley or soy sauce. Read ingredients carefully!

3. Hot drinks

Tea seems pretty innocent right? Be careful. Some herbal tea is made with barley malt to make it sweeter. If barley malt is there, it should be listed in the ingredients. Caffeine-free coffee alternatives can also contain gluten, because they can have rye, wheat, or barley. Additionally, prepackaged cocoa mixes can contain gluten due to cross-contamination in the factory. Thankfully, gluten free hot cocoa is much easier to make than croissants. Try out this delightful recipe.

4. Vitamin supplements and Medications
Over -the-counter and prescription medicine often have fillers (aka “inactive ingredients”) to provide shape to capsules, bind the ingredients and assist in water absorption. Some fillers come from wheat. Currently there is no law requiring the labeling of gluten in medication. Before taking a pill, call the manufacturer to ask if it is gluten free unless the label lists all inactive ingredients.

5. Beauty products

For individuals with celiac disease, just trace amounts of gluten can cause harm (think 1/10th of a bread crumb). That is why even lip balm can make people ill. Hydrolyzed gluten is used in beauty products as emulsifiers and stabilizers. The ability of lotions with gluten to cause harm to individuals with celiacs is debated. Additional research is needed to fully understand the effects of gluten in lotions and other beauty products. If you have celiac disease, it may be wise to be mindful of the ingredients in your beauty products.

6. Bouillon cubes

Maltodextrin is a binder that has gluten. If the bouillon cube contains maltodextrin, it is not gluten free. Read this comprehensive list, compiled by celiac.com, of ingredients that can contain gluten.

7. Processed and faux meat
Veggie hotdogs and burgers can have vital wheat gluten or wheat flour as the second or third ingredient listed. That is definitely enough to make you ill.  Additionally, chicken and beef hot dogs and pre-made burgers can have wheat gluten as a filler. By now you know the drill: read the labels.
8. Flavoured potato chips

A lot is added to chips to give them an extra kick, and sometimes a food scientist will throw in some gluten. Examples of flavours that can contain gluten are barbecue and salt and vinegar.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. Here is a list of additional foods that can sneak in gluten:
Baked beans
French fries
Roasted nuts
Canned soup
Ice cream
Cereal binding
Rice mixes
Imitation seafood
Imitation bacon
Salad dressings
Artificial caramel color
Communion wafers
Salad dressings

With gluten added to many foods and cross-contamination common in processed foods, it becomes easy to see why gluten free labeling is important. In August 2013, the Food and Drug Administration outlined the qualifications needed to labeled a product as “gluten free” (must contain less than 20 ppm gluten). To read more about gluten free labeling visit the FDA’s website.
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